Ilmari Ivaska

Ilmari Ivaska is an assistant professor of Finnish language at the University of Turku. He is an applied linguist with a specialization in second language acquisition and corpus methodologies. Before returning to Turku in 2019, Ivaska worked between 2014–2017 as a visiting lecturer of Finnish at the University of Washington and between 2017–2019 as a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Bologna.

Having a background in L2 acquisition research and in contrastive computational research designs, Ivaska’s current partitivity-related research interests revolve around cross-linguistic comparisons, constructional transfer in second language production, as well as exploring the applicability of various multivariate quantitative methods in such explorations.

As Ivaska’s earlier studies on L1 transfer to L2 Finnish have shown, crosslinguistic phenomena are rarely clear-cut isolated cases; rather, they result from complex interactions between positionally, constructionally, semantically, and formally related linguistic phenomena as well as contextual extra-linguistic factors.