Tabea Ihsane

Tabea Ihsane has been a member of the PARTE network since its foundation in 2017. She is also a member of the research group Systems of Nominal Determination in contact (SyNoDe) at the University of Zurich, one of the research groups of the URPP Language and Space founded by Elvira Glaser and Heiko Hausendorf. SyNoDe focuses on different types of noun phrases, nominal determiners and pronouns, including partitive articles and pronouns ( ).

Tabea’s main expertise lies in the syntax and the syntax-semantics interface of nominal expressions, in a cross-linguistic perspective. She has been interested in partitivity for more than a decade and investigated the French partitive articles du/des ‘of.the’ (Ihsane 2008) and the French partitive/quantitative pronoun en (Ihsane 2013).

In the past three years, Tabea has studied, in collaboration with Petra Sleeman (University of Amsterdam), the L2 acquisition of the French pronoun en by native speakers of Dutch and German and the expression of partitivity in Dutch, French and German, analysing data corresponding to the contexts in which French uses the pronoun en (Sleeman and Ihsane 2017, submitted, and Sleeman and Ihsane accepted, respectively).

Currently, Tabea is collaborating as a scientific collaborator/coordinator on the research project Distribution and Function of ‘Partitive Articles’ in Romance (DiFuPaRo): a microvariation analysis, directed by Elisabeth Stark (U.  Zurich) and Cecilia Poletto (Frankfurt am Main). One aim of the project is to compare the morphosyntactic properties of partitive articles in standard French/Italian, colloquial French, Francoprovençal and Northern Italian Dialects and to track down how characters of the linguistic system cluster together. Another objective is to determine how and why partitive articles have evolved and spread through a precise geographical domain (France-Northern Italy-part of Switzerland), but not across all Romance:

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Submitted       Sleeman, Petra & Tabea Ihsane. The L2 acquisition of the quantitative pronoun in French by L1 speakers of German and the role of the L1. In Giuliana Giusti & Petra Sleeman (eds.), Partitive Determiners, Partitive Pronouns and Partitive Case. Linguistische Arbeiten.

Accepted    Sleeman, Petra & Tabea Ihsane. Convergence and divergence in the expression of partitivity: a cross-linguistic experimental study. In Tabea Ihsane & Elisabeth Stark (eds.), Shades of Partitivity: formal and areal properties. Special Issue in Linguistics.

2017           Sleeman, Petra & Tabea Ihsane. The L2 acquisition of the French quantitative pronoun en by L1 learners of Dutch: vulnerable domains and cross-linguistic influence. In Elma Blom, Leonie Cornips & Jeannette Schaeffer (eds.), Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism. In honor of Aafke Hulk, 303-330. [Studies in Bilingualism 52]. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2013           Ihsane, Tabea. EN pronominalisation in French and the structure of nominal expressions. Syntax 16.3: 217-249.

2008           Ihsane, Tabea. The Layered DP: Form and Meaning of French Indefinites. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.