Cecilia Poletto

Cecilia Poletto is a recognized expert in Romance dialectology and formal syntax, she has lead the ASIt project and at the moment she leads two DFG Projects on nominal structures (quantification in Old Italian and relative clauses   within the DFG research unit “Relative clauses”. She is a member of the DFG financed Graduiertenkolleg “Nominal Modification”. Within the PARTE project Cecilia Poletto’s research group in Frankfurt works on the syntax of Romance non-standard Romance varieties gathering data on the structure of the DP focusing on partitive structures through field work using several testing methodologies (from free and guided speech with the informants to experiments involving completion, translation and judgement tasks) according to the standard methodology set in Cornips and Poletto (2005). The research group in Frankfurt has a network of mother tongue subjects, which is used for the empirical part of the work.