Leonie Cornips

Leonie Cornips works as a researcher on syntactic sociolinguistic variation at the Meertens Institute. She is also professor of Language Culture in Limburg. With her research interests “Linguistic variation in ‘old’ and ‘new’ non-standard varieties of Dutch”, “Bilingual child acquisition (2L1/child L2)”, and “Syntactic elicitation of dialect features”, and the Meertens Institute’s expertise in knowledge dissemination her collaboration in the netwerk is highly important. With network member Cecilia Poletto she published a methodological paper on the standardization of elicitation techniques, which serves as a basis for the dialectal research in the PARTE project. In the framework of the PARTE network, she is the supervisor of various research internships on the acquistion and use of the quantitative pronoun ER in the Dutch province of Limburg.