Elisabeth Stark

Elisabeth Stark is a professor of Romance Linguistics at the University of Zurich. In recent years she organized several workshops on partitivity. On 11 September 2017 she organized with PARTE member Tabea Ihsane the workshop Bare Nouns and Partitive Articles: Disentangling Functions at the University of Zurich. a workshop that was part of SLE 2017. On 25-26 November 2016 she organized with David Paul Gerards and Tabea Ihsane the international workshop Partitivity and Language Contact at the University of Zurich. On 12-13 December 2014 she organized with Giorgio Iemmolo the international exploratory workshop Partitivity in Romance and beyond at the University of Zurich. As such Elisabeth Stark is at origin of the PARTE network.

Elisabeth Stark is supervisor of David Paul Gerards’ current PhD dissertation project Partitives in Ibero-Romance: diachrony and language contact, of Jan Pavel Davatz’ current PhD dissertation project Partitives in Francoprovençal and of Larissa Binder’s current PhD dissertation project Pseudopartitive structures in Romance and Germanic contact varieties.

With PARTE member Cecilia Poletto, Elisabeth Stark is project leader of the research project DiFuPaRo (Distribution and Function of ‘Partitive Articles’ in Romance: a microvariation analysis), in which Tabea Ihsane is a research assistent, and in which Jan Davatz and Francesco Pinzin are PhD students.

Publications Elisabeth Stark on Partitivity, mainly ‘partitive articles’ in Romance, also in a diachronic perspective:

Edited volumes and monographs:

2005 with Klaus von Heusinger / Georg Kaiser (eds.): Specificity and the evolution/emergence of nominal determination systems in Romance. Selected papers from the international workshop NEREUS II, October 2004 in Berlin, Konstanz: Universität Konstanz ( = Konstanzer Arbeitspapiere zur Sprachwissenschaft, 119).

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Journal article:

Accepted, with Paul Widmer : “Breton a-marking of (internal) verbal arguments – a result of language contact?”, in: Linguistics.

Papers in edited volumes:

2003: “Specificity and Countability in Old Italian”, in: Klaus von Heusinger / Georg A. Kaiser (eds.): Proceedings of the Workshop “Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Specificity in Romance Languages”, Konstanz: Universität Konstanz, 133-152 ( = Konstanzer Arbeitspapiere zur Sprachwissenschaft, 113).

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Accepted a, with David Gerards : “Partitive Articles’ in Aosta Valley Francoprovençal – Old Questions and New Data“, in: Tabea Ihsane (ed.), Bare Nouns vs. ‘Partitive Articles’: Disentangling Functions. Leiden/Boston: Brill (Reihe Syntax and Semantics).

Accepted b), mit David Gerards: “ Why ‘Partitive Articles’ do not Exist in (Old) Spanish”, in: Tabea Ihsane (ed.), Bare Nouns vs. ‘Partitive Articles’: Disentangling Functions. Leiden/Boston: Brill (Reihe Syntax and Semantics).